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It can be stressful when you purchase a used car. With so many cars for sale, it can be tough to know 100% if the one you’re considering is a goody or not. Prior to purchasing a used vehicle it’s highly recommended that you get it inspected. You probably Googled “car inspection near me” … and here we are ready to help! Come to us for a thorough and honest vehicle inspection at any time.


What is a pre-purchase inspection?

A pre-purchase vehicle inspection entails a full inspection by a professional mechanic. They examine all the mechanical components of the vehicle and bring any existing or potential issues, including safety concerns, the car might have to light. The car inspection will help you make an educated decision on whether or not you should purchase the vehicle.

if you’re selling your used car or truck, a used vehicle inspection can also be a great selling benefit. Having this done before you put your vehicle up for sale will make it more competitive on the used vehicle market. Potential buyers will feel confident buying your car after seeing the paperwork signed off by a licensed mechanic. This helps make a quicker sale and a better offer.


Can I perform a car inspection myself?

You could do the pre-purchase vehicle inspection yourself if you are a licensed mechanic. In order to do the car inspection properly, it’s necessary to have the equipment and the skills to inspect all safety and mechanical components of the vehicle, reveal any issues and determine what repairs are necessary to make the vehicle fit and safe to drive.

If you’re not a trained mechanic, it’s best to have us do a used vehicle inspection. No need to keep trying to find the best “car inspection near me” just come see us for a professional and thorough car inspection. We will know exactly what to look for and we have the proper equipment. We will know how to tell if the vehicle has been in an accident and suffered body or structural damage and we will we be able to determine if there are any existing mechanical issues, or an issue might arise in the future. This information is serious for your safety and can save you from getting a bad deal on your used car purchase.

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Additionally, the majority of auto insurance companies require a pre-purchase vehicle inspection be signed off by a licensed mechanic to ensure a vehicle that is 10 years old or older. Without the signed-off inspection, you won’t be able to insure or register your new car.


What does a pre-purchase vehicle inspection involve?

During a pre-purchase car inspection, we do a complete safety inspection and check over the engine and mechanical systems. We check the brakes, steering, suspension and other vehicle components. We use a lift to check underneath the vehicle for rust, leaks or other damage.

During the inspection, we will be able to determine if any extensive damage or repairs have been done to the vehicle in the past, or if it is going to need some work in the future.  A pre-purchase inspection will make sure that you are getting a car that is safe for the road.


Buying or selling a used vehicle? Get a pre-purchase vehicle inspection first! Call us or book an appointment online.

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